Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cartoonists I Like: Alec Longstreth

One of my new favorite cartoonists is Alec Longstreth. For anyone interested in making their own comics, his lecture notes Your Comics will Love you Back are the most practical resource I've ever seen. I picked up some very helpful hints from them. I also bought two issues of Phase 7 Comics, the comic he puts out a couple times a year. Issues # 10 and 11 were of particular interest to me since it's basically the story of his life with comics so far. It gives a lot of insight into his working methods and philosophy of making them.

His illustration of his self-portrait on the back of a turtle charging into battle is the perfect metaphor for making comics. So much excitement -- but the process is so painstakingly slow.
To express my appreciation for the inspiration and guidance I've found in his work I made the sketch below.


grant said...

It seems like it takes a year to make a 12 page story and then it takes 10 minutes to read it.

Andrew Wales said...

Thanks for visiting and for leaving a comment, Grant. It is true that it seems like a lot of work for someone to glance at in a few seconds and take it in. There are the aficionados who take further longer looks, though.

Alec Longstreth said...

Andrew, thanks for the kind words about my comics! I'm glad you got something out of those lecture notes. Though please note, I gave up trying to put out 4 issues a year after the first year of publication (it's more like two a year at this point)

Also, I received the drawing you show here in the mail today along with your most recent comic. Thanks so much for sending it along! I'll send you a comic back for sure.

Thanks again!