Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cartoonists I Like: Stan Sakai

One of my favorite cartoonists is Stan Sakai. He has drawn, inked, written and lettered 109+ issues of his comic Usagi Yojimbo (Japanese for Rabbit Bodyguard). His comic features the anthropomorphic adventures of a17th century Samurai rabbit. It's consistently very well written and drawn. It's also neat that you can catch up with with Usagi's adventures in the 22 paperback collections. This comic is great for adults or kids, especially around middle school age. It has won several awards, including the YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association) of the American Library Association.

In addition to being a phenomenal artist, I hereby nominate him as the Nicest Guy in Comics. He has a fantastic website called the Usagi Yojimbo Dojo, which includes a forum where he personally interacts with fans. Over the years he has offered advice to me about my artwork and answered my questions about drawing, tools and techniques. He has even made some sketches for Daniel and I. Mine is in a frame and hangs over my computer at school.

Stan is very involved in Boy Scouts in his area and his own son is nearing the rank of Eagle. When he heard that my son Daniel had passed his Eagle Board of Review he sent me a personal message and offered to make a "letter" of congratulations. We just opened the package he sent and discovered that the letter is actually a painting of a young Usagi in Boy Scout garb! It's now in a frame and will be the centerpiece at Dan's upcoming Eagle ceremony. To top it off, the accompanying note is on the back of a page from a Groo script which he letters. To say the least, Dan and I are geeking out!

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I'd be more than willing to second the nomination of Stan Sakai for the poition of "Nicest Guy in Comic".