Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Professional Cartoonist says, "These Knots Really Work!"

Independent comics creators often go to a lot of trouble making copies of home-made comics. Sometimes the results are underwhelming. I've been to shows where I sold two! But, almost always, I've found that my fellow creators are up for a trade! I'm personally not getting rich of the comics I've made, but I've made a lot of friends who have as strong a passion for sequential art as I do.

Through the wonder of the U.S. postal system, I've enjoyed trading lately with cartoonist Chris Schweizer. Chris not only read T.A.I.L.S. Book One, he told me recently that by reading it he learned to tie the Manharness Knot and used it to move a log! In exchange for my published work, I received several mini-comics from Chris, a really awesome poster, and an original sketch of one of my characters done in the inimitable Schweizer style. It is really neat to see my character re-interpreted by another cartoonist.
Chris is a real up and coming talent in the graphic novel field. His first book Crogan's Vengeance will be published this fall by Oni Press, the first of a line of historical adventure graphic novels.

Here is a close-up of the poster he sent me. The poster was created to advertise a 24 Hour Comics Day event this past October.

To see more of Schweizer's art, visit his website, The Curious Old Library.

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Chris Schweizer said...

Thanks for the link, Andrew! I know it's late - I finished the book today(!!!!!!!!!) and am currently catching up on the months of blog updates that I haven't read 'cause my nose has been to the grindstone.

I also haven't had a chance to go through the comics in the classroom packet you sent (thanks SO much for that, by the way) but plan to now that I've got a little extra time.