Sunday, March 23, 2008

Great Comics for Kids

At our house, the Easter Bunny doesn't leave candy, he usually leaves a book for everybody. They can be enjoyed longer, and don't give you cavities! Here is Nathan with his new book, Super Friends #1. This is a new comic book just for little kids. The characters look just like his little Mattel action figures. Nathan looks at it for the longest time, flipping through the stories, and even lets me read a few pages aloud to him.

The book below was for David. It's not a comic book exactly, but a "novel in cartoons". It is designed to look as if it was a cartoon diary of a 7th grader. I read it and got quite a few chuckles and even a guffaw or two.

Everyone's favorite is Bone! It's been described as "Pogo meets Lord of the Rings". It's full of humor and adventure. These books are coming out in paperback now and colored beautifully. In our school library, when one is returned, there's always a big fight to see who gets to sign it out next. Our kids have all of them that have come out so far up to #7. I think there will be two more and the saga is complete.
For his next project, the creator of Bone re-envisioned the story of Captain Marvel. Those stories are classics, and Smith stayed true to the mythos for the most part, and the new version brings Shazam into the present day. The style of art and writing is very appealing to children. It was a four issue mini-series but is now collected into a big, beautiful hard-cover book. I petitioned a comic book distribution company and they donated one to our school library! The kids are going to go nuts when they see that.

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