Monday, January 28, 2008

The Blind Visionary

It's been a long time since I've drawn something in a realistic style! This is a drawing for an illustration assignment I was given. The sketch will accompany an article about Fanny Crosby, the blind poetess and hymn writer. Though blind from infancy, this lady wrote 9,000 hymns. In fact, since hymn book publishers were reluctant to print so many hymns by the same author, she used over 200 pseudonyms. Her most famous hymns were Blessed Assurance and Pass me Not O Gentle Savior. She continued writing hymns until she died at the age of 95.

Quality images of Crosby are rare, but I did the best I could from the references I had. A lot of the shapes suggested symbolism to me. As I was drawing, I thought of her lack of sight, but tried to emphasize the Light hitting her anyway. The large bulky shape of her dress kind of reminded me of a large Rock, or the foundation of her belief.


grant said...

fanny crosby is my hero!

Andrew Wales said...


I got the comics you sent as part of our indie comics trade. Nice work! The "September" comic was very sharp looking, professional and profound.

Paul Bozzo said...

Hey Andy - Wow! I really like the eyes/glasses and the darkest darks framing Ms. Crosby's head. Good job!