Monday, December 10, 2007

Challenge #14: Irregular Panel Borders Comic

I'm behind on the 52 Challenges, but trying to catch up! Here was our assignment:

Think outside of the box and get your mind out of the gutter!

Homework for Artists and Writers: Draw a 1 - 2 page comic with irregular panel borders. Avoid working on a grid, avoid right angles, and absolutely no squares or rectangles!

Extra Credit: Think about how a round panel affects the overall effect of your comic. Jagged shaped panels? Wavy Cloud panels? Make a note of what works so you can use them later amongst a sea of squares for contrast panels.

I like participating in the 52 Challenges, but this week I couldn't make time to do experimental comics for the sake of experiment. Not when I had a comic due that I could get some money for! I thought, whey not kill two birds with one stone? This comic is the next episode for Girl Power Science Squad, a comic strip I write and draw for Hopscotch magazine.

I found the experience very educational. I discovered about myself that I almost always use squares and rectangles in my comics. For inspiration in thinking outside the box, I studied some classic Jack Kirby Challengers of the Unknown comics. Wow! Did he use a lot of different shaped panels in that comic. I always thought his best work came later, but these comics strips are darn good. The different shaped panels really adds to the mechanical, futuristic mood.

I tried to achieve similar effects in mine, and I also found that when I let the desert landscape come outside the panel it changed the mood to a more desolate, wild feel.

Anyway, enough talk about it, here is the comic!

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